A chain driven direct drive boat lift motor

The Sidewinder needs very little maintenance and is built to handle all of the elements that are put in it’s way. Even the toughest of elements is no match. If you’re looking for more ease of use then make sure to check out the key fob and solar charging kit that comes with it. Use the remote, click it on and walk away to handle something else – it is that easy to use!

The Sidewinder works using 12v DC or 100v AC and comes with the protective plastic housing to ensure that none of the components on the inside become wet. The Sidewinder is one of the toughest on the market since it is able to hoist up to 7,000 pounds and comes complete with the mounting hardware needed. It is also very versatile so it can fit on many different boat brands as well. Make sure to get the right boat motor lift for your boat and enjoy the benefits that come with it!

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